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  • March 24, 2021
About DataSciencx

According to the International Data Corporation, companies only analyze 10% of the data they collect. Behind every card swipe at the register and every click on your website is a slew of data waiting to help you make solid business and marketing decisions predictably and easily.
Powered by your data and our money, DataSciencx is a cost-free way to grow your business.


1. How do you introduce a digital strategy to a brand who has only done Search?
2. How do you identify and build an audience, then turn them into customers?
3. How do you increase revenue, transactions, and average purchase amounts…in every market?


We listened. We studied the existing customer base and the business landscape then we started by simplifying the communication. Creating a new process for messaging, delivering creative assets, as well as the process for adherence to campaign requirements. Once this foundation was set we implemented a multi-faceted approach using a combination of Social targeting, Display targeting, and Site retargeting. We stayed in front of the creative assets and delivery, ensuring messaging was on point and timely, e.g., sales items, holiday events, etc.

As our campaign matured, we began to collect sufficient data to perform in depth analytics. We identified the target audience and began our optimization strategy. We accomplished this by using lookalike audiences based on actual conversions from our clients website. The data extracted provided analytics we then applied to optimize the campaign and vice-versa. Consolidating insights allowed DSX to see the bigger picture and optimize accordingly.

In addition, we worked with our clients marketing team to install a pixel on their website which gave us the ability to track conversions. We then integrated the campaigns with their website sales metrics so we could accurately track the revenue generated in real-time. This enabled us to instrument analytics to identify metrics such as Cost Per Order, Return on Ad Spend, etc.

Maybe most importantly, we educated our client throughout the process with monthly meetings and reports full of insights specific to each product.

Display Targeting

Since taking over the account we have increased visits to our clients site by an astonishing 42%. Revenue is up 21%. We predict continued growth as we have increased our budget and will continue to implement our strategy more broadly across the country.

In 2021 ML Media Group will continue to help lead WingStop, outthink, and out hustle their competitors.

Norman S. Roberts
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Tony Lam - Wingstop CO-OP Marketing Director

“We have worked with ML media for years. We have always asked ourselves how we can leverage our data to create content that speaks to our customers. DataSceincx has helped us find solutions to problems that we didn't even know existed.”

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